We accompany, on a daily basis, leaders of start-ups, SMEs, mid-cap-companies and also associations and foundations. The life cycle of any organization is one of joy, success, calm and storm.

StratnFi accompanies you throughout this cycle and relieves you daily with a benevolent approach in a logic of partner.

You want to grow, by organic or external growth, create or sell a company or become more agile in the face of a rapidly changing environment. You must remain agile.

We support you throughout the process chain, from reflection to the implementation of means to achieve this through a strategic and financial approach.

You have some cash flow problems, we advise you and you bring the tools of piloting, to pass this stage difficult to live. We are committed to assisting you as soon as possible to facilitate your decision making and allow you to refocus on the development of your business.

You run a non-profit organization, we also support you in your structural and financial organization from simple structure to hybrid structures composed of non-profit and profit entities. You encounter a problem of collection, management, we can accompany you. Our approach is also based on a strategic and financial reflection fully adapted to this universe.

We can propose you a patrimonial reflection, often forgotten but fundamental in the management of businesses. If you do not have personal advice, this subject will be entrusted to one of our expert partners, before our operational advice. Indeed, certain decisions can influence our strategic and budgetary recommendations.

Our commitment is to allow you to stay focused on your core business and make every effort to contribute to your success.

We offer audit and advisory assignments with strategic and financial business plan development and then the possibility of operational support in various forms: consulting, transition management, part-time management and / or training.

This approach, which is recognized and encouraged by our clients, allows us to be at your side after submitting the business plan and to be able to carry out, if necessary, very practical and practical operational adjustments on strategic orientations and organizations as well as on financial choices.

StratnFi favors human support, agile, proximity and trust.